Main Interests of Turkey

Main Interests


Turkey is a bridge between Europe, Asia and Middle East. Many different civilizations had stayed or passed through these lands and each of them left their traditions and products. Therefore, Turkey has a rich culture both in history and cuisine. Hittites, Urartians, Frigians, Antique Greeks, Romans, Turks, Arabs, Armenians and much more…

Travel Club offers you to trace their footprints in Anatolia. You will be amazed by Hittites art when you see the similarity to Egyptian Art. Bee-hive houses of Harran which is one of the oldest cities in the world, Stone houses of Mardin, Ruins of Ani and much more. Travel Club creates special routes and programs for each of their guests to make them see these unexplored beauties with the combination of good accommodation, the best guides and comfortable vehicles. Click for more >>


Turkey is a peninsula that is surrounded by the sea. Its beauty especially shows itself on the Aegean coast, where its geographical formation created many untouched bays with turquoises color water; thus Bodrum and Gocek are the two leading destinations for Blue cruises.

Travel Club  provides private boats with different sizes and facilities. You may want to stay in the Aegean coast or we, as Travel Club, can make special programs combining the Aegean coast with some of the Greek islands. Friendly crew, high quality private Gulets with skillful chiefs and turquoises colors of the sea are just irresistible for any cruise lover


This is the best destination for leisure and yachting. Turquoises color of the water, great hotels, sandy beaches and delicious foods will provide great times more then that you expect.


This natural area is blessed with Turquoises color water and this untouched nature of the region is under protection with special law. Today, it is a Mekke of yachting.


Culinary is an important part of Turkish culture. There are two main themes in Turkish Culinary, Anatolian and Ottoman. Anatolian cuisine is famous for its main courses, soups, appetizers, deserts, sauces and drinks. They can be totally different in each region or may have local variations, because each region has different way of cooking as well as different ingredients. Ottoman foods have been made in Ottoman Palaces only and their recipes were taken from palace libraries. For that reason, they are more limited. They are more like experimental dishes of the imperial kitchens. Wine, the drink of the Gods, has also special importance, especially in Cappadocia and Aegean coast. Fertile soil of the regions gives different taste and texture to them that can’t be explained but must be experienced. Travel Club provides special programs just on food & wine, as well as blending it within the cultural programs.


After all bustling of wedding, who deserves a holiday more thana newlywed couple? Travel Club offers you to make this trip unforgettable for you. Your interest is important for the concept of your honeymoon. Special spa treatments, great hotels, romantic dinners and much more will be organized by Travel Club for you…

Religious Turkey

Journey of the belief has the same destiny with world history and Turkey is one of the places where the religious beliefs got shaped. Muslim tradition says Abraham was born in Edessa and stayed in Harran for a while, St. Paul and St. Nicholas were born in Anatolia, Seven churches of revelation, Grotto of Seven sleepers, the House of Virgin Mary,the Holy relics of Prophet Mohammed, the tomb of Mevlana Celaleddin Rum-I … and all are in Anatolia.

Travel Club  invites you to learn the meaning of whirling dervishes’delicate dances for God, follow the steps of St. Paul, see the cave where the Abraham was born and visit the House of Virgin Mary where she spent her last days. Click for more >>


Golf is an addictive sport which is about holding a club, calculating range, preparing your body for the hit and hitting the ball with full focus… Turkey, with its exceptional climate has good green areas that you can play golf. Especially Istanbul and Antalya are the main centers for classic Golf.

Cross Golf in Cappadocia is an adventurous way of Golfing. Instead of green area and holes in the ground, you will be in the valleys of Cappadocia and using nets for targeting. First time in the world, we offer you to play golf in an UNESCO world heritage area.


Green grass fields of region counts as one the best Golf area in Europe. With the breeze from Mediterranean sea, golfing has different feeling in Belek. Every year, many guests are coming for great competitions and enjoy.


Another aspect of Bodrum, where you can find little excitment of Golf during your leisure in Bodrum. With the fresh air of the region, you will feel ready for driving range shoots.


Special groups need special attentions. For your special events & meetings Travel Club can show its skill to organize the best for them. Special transfers, best hotels, special activities and tours, special meals in special venues and gala dinners…

We are professional about creating new programs with details. For incentive groups, generally they have limited times and they make tours just with very basic programs. However, we can add the spirit in the tour; a special concept regarding your group profile and this will be much more interesting and successful.


Because of the Islamic influence, Turkish art is specialized in different branches of art. Drawing a figure was forbidden and it forced artist to use only floral and geometrical motifs. These motifs, patterns applied as a painting, carving, weaving, inlaying, filigreeing or embroidering. But there are other branches that lesser known such as book binding, jewel crafting, copper-making, calligraphy and Ebru (marbeling). During your tours you will see or try to do some of them but if you have special interest to any of them, we can make your own Turkish Art tour about desired branch.

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