Travel to Turkey FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Travel To Turkey

Why should you prefer a tailor-made travel service?

Tailor-made service is a travel culture that should be preferred especially in countries such as Turkey which has a diversity of historical and natural attractions complemented by a rich cultural heritage. At each step you will meet a place with cultural and historical value and only a tailor-made travel service considering your special interests can meet your expectations and help you to experience Turkey without being dependant on any other group.

What are the main differences between a tailor made and a regular tour?

High quality and exclusiveness of your guide and transport services
* Flexibility of the daily time schedule by your preferences (start & end time, length of the tour, places to visit etc.)
* Delicious restaurant suggestions depending on your taste
* Realization of all changes from your side during the tour..

How you will contact us for a customized trip proposal?

We will need you to fill out our Customize your own trip Questionnaire, providing us with useful insight on how to design the trip that best suits your needs. If you are not comfortable with a form then please email us all personal details.

Which is the best time for Turkey vacation?

This actually depends on the purpose of the vacation and the places you want to visit in Turkey. But, Turkey experiences intense tourism mobility mostly between April – December months. It doesn’t mean that only these 8 months are the beautiful periods for Turkey vacation. For instance, regions like Istanbul and Cappadocia offer their visitors a different kind of beauty in each month. Keep in your mind that in low season, prices are lower as well when compared to the peak seasons.

What is the time difference?

Turkey is on GMT + 2 (daylight saving = GMT +3 and operates between late March to late September). This means generally that Turkey is 1 hour ahead of European and 2 hours ahead of the UK standard times. Still it is a good idea to check the local time when you arrive in Turkey and adjust your watch accordingly.

Is there visa application requirement for entrance Turkey?

You can easily access the main information for visa application procedures in Turkey at

Will I be able to use my mobile phone in Turkey?

Yes – providing your phone is international roaming enabled.
The 3 main GSM operators in Turkey are Turkcell, Avea and Vodafone and all GSM operators have roaming agreements with international operators.

Can I use my Credit Card in Turkey?

Credit cards are accepted in most shops and restaurants in the main Cities or Resorts areas. This may not be the case in smaller villages or remote places so it is generally a good idea to try always to have some cash handy.

What forms of payment do you accept?

American Express, Visa, and MasterCard. Banking wire is also accepted.

How difficult to drive a car in Turkey?

In the metropolises, especially in Istanbul, driving a car is very troubled. So, we don’t advise you to drive a car certainly. Generally, roads between cities are more comfortable when compared to urban roads. Unfortunately, when we consider the high rate and density of road traffic accidents, Turkey is not highly recommended country for renting or driving car.

How will you receive confirmation form, invoice and welcome kit after you book the trip?

Our travel advisor which will help you to organize your holiday program, will send you all confirmation forms, invoices and transfer schedule after receiving the payment from your side. The welcome kit consisting of your tickets, vouchers, detailed tour program, local contact details and all other necessary information will be given to you by  Travel Club  operations team (your guide or welcoming team) in your pick-up from the airport upon your arrival in Turkey.

How can I check the daily activities and events while in Turkey?

That’s a part of our job. We will definitely inform you about all daily activities such as concerts, shows and exhibitions. But you can also check them personally at and

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